4 Must-Have Requirements of Flexible Work Spaces

Flexibility, mobility, connectivity and collaboration.

When it comes to flexible workspaces one size doesn’t fit all and not all alternative office solutions are created equally. Yangon’s prolific rise in coffee shops is fueled to a large degree by the city’s visiting freelancer and consultant need for a strong internet signal, and somewhere to work from when travelling or living in a small apartment.

While spending the day working from a local coffee shop could be considered as having a flexible work space for the bohemian entrepreneur, the chances of being incredibly productive there are slim to none. And let’s face it; no significant business deal is solidified over cappuccino and café music.

The founders of Hintha observed the market needs, looked at solutions in other developing and fast-paced cities and used that research to create some of the best flexible workspaces for Yangon. As a result, Hintha Business Centres have these traits in common:

1. Hot Desks — In 2013 the Washington Post published an article highlighting office spaces with the millennial generation in mind. One of the key points of that article was the concept of “hoteling,” where companies reserve a permanent workspace in a co-working space and employees sign up for it on an as-needed basis. This mobility option allows employees to work in a traditional office for part of the week and offer the freedom to work from a flexible location other days. Appealing to the millennial generation, a variety of workspace options mean companies attract from a larger pool of workforce who can then better optimise their work environment as well as make efficient use of employees time. This is especially key for Yangon where navigating traffic can take hours out of the day.

2. Collaboration Technology — For employees to work remotely, the right technology needs to be available. The new serviced offices and meeting rooms at Hintha Business Centres Sule Square location are the first in Yangon to offer video-conferenece technology. This enables employees to sit down for a meeting together no matter their location, and the sound proof surroundings provide relief for Yangon’s horn-loving drive culture.

3. Connectivity — This may seem obvious and yet so many flexible workspace options in Yangon often overlook the importance of having flexible power and connectivity options. The freedom to move around a whole floor without worrying connectivity allows workers to get their jobs done no matter where they may have to roam. Another assumption is each work area comes with multiple electric sockets; this simple and yet often overlooked detail means not everyone is fighting over that one corner outlet or tripping over extension cables leading to over-burdened electrical outlets.

4. Communal Work Areas — Flexibility comes in providing an environment where people can comfortably get together and share ideas and resources. There are a variety of ways to achieve this, from purposefully positioned chairs to an open desk area with a refreshments close by.

If you are looking for flexible workspace, Hintha Business Centres would love to help you in your search. We offer practical solutions in boutique and corporate environments, alternative office spaces, co-working business centres, board and conference rooms, and everything in between.

Whether you’re a business looking for a temporary office solution, or an individual looking for the perfect landing space, Hintha Business Centres has the space your are seeking.