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8 Benefits of a Virtual Address over a P.O. Box

Yangon is fast becoming a magnet for new businesses, startups, and major corporations, all looking to become a pioneering player in a rapidly developing economy. Until a few years ago, commercial offices didn’t exist and apartments were transformed into office environments. Today the world is watching Myanmar, office blocks have been built and are open for business, though the rent can be too high for start-up budgets.

For many entreprenurs, working from home, in Myanmar or abroad, is their first office of entry into the market, but there’s still one big problem that comes with that. What is your address going to be? How will your presence in the market be perceived? Digital offices offer a cost effective solution. In other parts of the world the other simple solution is opening a P.O. Box and hiring a meeting room for an hour or finding a quiet corner in a hotel lobby, but in Myanmar where P.O boxes are non-existent, the postal service is still undeveloped and unreliable, trustworthy choices become limited.

From receiving mail or sensitive legal documents, to occasional meetings for that all-important pitch and confidential conversation to clinch a deal, businesses need a physical address, and that’s the one thing the internet can’t give us. In Myanmar’s commercial capital of Yangon, a virtual address not only comes to the rescue, it also enhances your company profile. It can save you money, keep your business safer, and even boost your success on a whole.

How? Hintha Business Centres offer 8 key benefits with their virtual office address that improve your business profile in Myanmar.

1. Professionalism
The actual address of that Virtual Office will make your business look committed to make that kind of investment and the impression of a physical office sends a positive message to partners and clients. Furthermore, a virtual office allows for a public domain registration address for websites and for billing and correspondence.

2. Assistance on the Ground
Most likely you travel often for business, are not always in Yangon, yet require ongoing assistance to accept mail and documents on your behalf. With a virtual address, all your letters can be received, confidentially scanned and forwarded to your email, or request that they be physically sent to your personal address.

3. An Impressive Address
Image is everything, especially in a new economy like Myanmar where even famous brands have no legacy to ride on and reputation needs building from scratch. Having an address in Yangon’s downtown commercial hub and in a brand new office tower shows status and success at a glance. Possibilities abound even for small businesses to leverage from on their business cards and websites.

4. It’s Like Having an Office Assistant
As any entrepreneur knows, starting a successful business means being everywhere at once and wearing at least 10 different hats. Virtual addresses have automated systems and a team of assistants in charge of receiving phone calls, mail, scanning and sending them to receivers, and even corresponding with clients on your behalf. With a virtual office, you can stay focused on key matters while the administration seems to take care of itself.

5. Benefits of an Office
When it comes to finalising the deals, you need to sit down with clients to talk numbers or review plans. Welcoming a client or business partner to a café just doesn’t have the same impression as a professional reception, business support services and a confidential meeting room. With a virtual office arrangement, all of this comes without a price tag that would break a small business budget, yet exudes professionalism, commitment and success.

6. Privacy
When everyone is trying to get in on the action of Myanmar’s evolving economy, it doesn’t take much for a curious competitor to track you down. A virtual address brings privacy and confidentiality to your business dealings, with no overheard conversations in coffee shops.

7. Google Rankings
The worldwide web came to Myanmar through facebook, and as such, many local business entities have come to understand that channel to be “the internet”, and as such have only a facebook page as their web presence. But Google rankings don’t rate facebook pages and take more kindly to websites that boast of a physical address than those that don’t. Facebook doesn’t cut it – that shows only a social page, not an office or a storefront, and search engines will not pick it up. A virtual office gives you a literal street address to announce on your website and other directories crucial for your business presence. The more popular the locale is, the higher it will take you up in the internet rankings. Even if you don’t have people physically needing to visit your office, when they Google the best businesses in your field, the more recognised the address is, the greater your chances are of you receiving an email from potential clients.

8. Everything taken care of
Virtual offices take away the headache of administration tasks to receive mail, sign for important legal document delivery or accept that important package with equipment you need. You can be travelling on business, in meetings and focusing on developing your empire while a team of people at your virtual address are making sure your packages are signed for and you’re notified when something arrives. Taking the stress off your shoulders, a simple email alert will keep you updated.

A Virtual Office at Hintha Business Centres in Yangon allows you to work wherever you like while still delivering the professional impact that committed businesses require. A virtual receptionist and access to meeting rooms means that you can have the flexibility to deal with clients without the overheads of a permanent office. For a small monthly fee, your business can benefit from a central Yangon address and telephone number, answered by our experienced virtual receptionists in your company name. Callers are either redirected to your personal number or messages taken and passed to you via email.

Give your company added credibility from the start with a virtual office. When you need to meet clients face-to-face, our meeting rooms are unbranded so that the focus is on you and your business. Send us an email with your virtual office needs and it will be our pleasure to support your business growth in Myanmar.

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