Our Commitment to Myanmar

Image Courtesy, Doh Eain 2017

Doh Eain (“Our Home”) is a social enterprise working in heritage conservation and urban renewal. Doh Eain’s starting point is that Yangon is a unique and beautiful city, with assets not only of historical, cultural and natural significance but also of social and economic value.

Doh Eain focuses on helping Yangon’s home owners and residents become aware of the social and economic value of these assets. They include privately-owned heritage buildings, green spaces, and the potential of various wastelands as public space. By creating concrete financial and social returns, home owners and residents have good reasons to preserve and keep looking after their heritage and public space.

Doh Eain emphasises a citizen-led, creative, sustainable and financially viable approach to heritage conservation and urban renewal.

In April 2017, Hintha Business Centres donated US$ 5,000 in support of Doh Eain’s Alley Garden project, which seeks to turn Yangon’s dirty back alleys into alley gardens, enjoyed by the community as a whole.