Our Clients Talk : Amara Global Trade

Our Clients Talk : Amara Global Trade

The first in our series of blogs called “Experience Hintha: Our Clients Talk” will give you the opportunity to see Hintha Business Centres through the eyes of our resident clients.

Amara Global Trade is an import-export company operating in Myanmar. The company is currently planning on working with businesses from ASEAN countries for the trading of goods. They offer personalised trade services to manufacturers and businesses in a wide range of industries, including product demand in local market, shipping, product distribution and sourcing.

As Hintha@Sule Square’s first resident, Htet Aung Latt (Sully), Amara Global Trade’s Managing Director, joins us for a few questions in his office.

Describe yourself in three words
Passionate, Initiator, Assertive.

Describe your business in three words
Efficient, Customizable, Responsible.

Biggest achievement
My biggest achievement is being appointed the leader of my residential college’s (International House) magazine and yearbook team during my last year in university and publishing the 50th anniversary yearbook at the end of that year.

Favourite / most surprising thing about Yangon
All my favorite local cuisines and Myanmar food are easily available.

Favourite thing about Hintha Business Centres
The high speed internet that they provide 24/7.

Favourite place around Hintha@Sule Square
My favorite place around Hintha@Sule Square would be Sule Shangri-La Hotel, which is right next to Sule Square and is connected to it. A lot of business networking events occur in the hotel and its close proximity with the Sule Square complex is very beneficial.

Favourite quote
Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.- Thomas Edison.

If you could have one superpower…


Find out more about Amara Global Trade on their website www.amaragt.com and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/amaraglobaltrade/