About Hintha and the Hintha Bird
Hintha Business Centres is named after the Hintha (or Hamsa) bird, a symbol of Bago city, a former capital of Myanmar. An ancient story tells of two Hintha birds flying during a flood. The only place they could find to rest was a small rock poking above the flood waters. The male bird landed on the rock. The female followed and stood on his back. Together they waited until the waters subsided. The imagery of the two “partner” birds, one supporting the other, mirrors our values in seeking to support new businesses and organizations entering the Myanmar market.

Hintha Business Centres is part of Anthem Asia, an independent investment and advisory group dedicated to building and supporting sustainable businesses in Myanmar.

Our flagship centre at 608 Merchant Street, is located in the very heart of downtown Yangon and incorporates the core values that lie at the heart of Anthem Asia, global reach, international standards, local inspiration and authentic, flexible partnership.

Find out more at:
enquiry@hinthabusinesscentres.com or call +95 1 441 3410