Your Prestigious Business Address in Myanmar


US$ 50 / month

  • Mailbox
  • Email Notification of Mail Delivery
  • Mail & Package Forwarding

    US$ 90 / month

  • Mailbox
  • Email Notification of Mail Delivery
  • Mail & Package Forwarding
  • Shared Phone Number
  • Telephone Answering & Note Forwarding Via Email
  • A Virtual Office allows small companies and entrepreneurs to establish a business presence in Myanmar without renting office space and committing to a costly annual lease. Your company will have prestigious address, landline phone number, and bilingual support staff to manage your communications.

    A trained receptionist will answer phone calls in your company’s name, and forward the call or take a message even when you are overseas. Even with the widespread use of mobile phones, clients still expect to find a landline number, seen as a more direct and trustworthy point of contact than a mobile number.

    Your company’s reputation will benefit immensely from having a recognisable city address and landline number on marketing materials. A Virtual Office will give you an edge with other companies and businessmen who may be considering you as their local partner – all of this at a minimal cost.

    Combine your Virtual Office with a Registered Office

    When you register your company in Myanmar, you are required to have a registered address. This is the address where your company will legally be registered upon incorporation.

    Hintha Business Centres provides an attractive Registered Office package at two premium business locations.

    Your company will be featured on the directory board in the lobby area of your preferred business centre, giving you the opportunity to be instantly recognisable and to leave an impression on visitors and tenants.

    What is left to do? Choose between our two business centres, Hintha@Sule Square and Hintha@Merchant Street.